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9 February 1999
Tuesday, 6:25 PM, Early Evening

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 Michelle Skia
Michelle Skia
Posted: May 18 2007, 04:11 AM

Power Level: Intermediate
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Group: Psychic
Posts: 122
Member No.: 60
Joined: 13-May 07


Player Name: Lizzy
Email Address: bobthejeep[at]yahoo[dot]com
AIM: bobthejeep
MSN: bobthejeep@hotmail.com


Name: Michelle Skia
Occupation: High school student
Income Level: Broke as all hell
Place of Birth: Kenai, Alaska
Date of Birth: January 27
Nationality: American
Species: Psi-Humanoid
Force Of: Light
Class Of: '99

Sexual Orientation: Hetersexual
Status: Single
Looking for: Friendship, Dating, A Relationship (Cheers, Fbook wink.gif )

Family History
Father - Jason Skia
Mother - Samantha Skia (deceased)
Older Sister - Christy Skia (deceased)

Age: 17
Height: 5' 1"
Eye Color: blue-grey
Hair Color: brown with pink highlights and a splash of blue

Appearance: Michelle is rather short, but her long thick hair helps to give her a fuller appearance. Juxtaposed against her soft innocent features, is a touch of eccentric flair: the subtle pink highlights in her hair accentuate her rather individual fashion sense. Most often, she'll wear thick-heeled boots and long flare jeans underneath one of her sister's patchwork skirts that come down to just above her knees. Her shirts are usually layered and she loves wearing her mother's old necklaces. Finally, she has seven rings which always adorn her fingers. She mostly wears her mom and sister's clothes, partly because she's dirt poor but mostly because it makes her feel closer to them.

Personality: Michelle believes everything happens for a reason (so cliche, I know) and has lots of faith. In large groups, Michelle is really shy but once she opens up she is outgoing and funloving; among friends, she is up for anything, no matter the risk. Among familiar faces, she lets her true personality shine through. She is very silly and gets excited about the smallest things.

To the high society of Sunnydale High (ie Cordettes), Michelle would be majorly uncool and weird. She was pretty much born in the wrong decade. She's not exactly...pop culture savvy. She uses a lot of the slang from the 80s. She has always used a typewriter for her school essays and she has a retro purple and blue walkman that plays cassette tapes. She listens to mostly 70s and 80s music, and only knows a few of the top 40 songs of the current year. She's never watched tv--other than the news--and she loves to read non-fiction. She's wicked smart and does well in school without really trying. Her biggest hobby and passion, though, is roller skating.

Powers and Skills

Physically, Michelle is rather dainty and pretty much has no upper body strength. She's a little weakling. She's curious about the supernatural world, but doesn't really believe that it's real.

Despite her skepticism, she knows that psychics exist--because she's one. When she was really little, she'd sometimes know what people were going to say before they said it. As she got older, she started to understand a little better what was happening: she can read thoughts. Now that she's a teenager--and living on top of the hellmouth--her ability seems to have developed into a more consistent thing. It's something that has always been a part of her life and she considers it a weird fluke about herself. It's not like, it means anything, right? Guys? Right? tongue.gif

You can hear the surface thoughts of others through the conduit of telepathy. With this power you must make a conscious decision to create a psi-link between yourself and another character in the same room (thread). At your current power level, you can neither project your thoughts nor create a psi-link with more than one person at a time. All creatures, regardless of power level, are vulnerable to your mind-reading powers. However, vampires are a great exception...

In addition to telepathy, you have a secondary power. Memory deterioration. This feat is accomplished through the means of creating a psi-link with another character, focusing intently and touching the side of their head with one open palm; your powers will burn the memories of their last two in-character posts. Following the use of this power you must wait five consecutive in-character posts to recharge.


In brief:
--Born to a very happy low-end middle class family in Alaska.
--Her mother and older sister, Christy, were killed in a car accident when she was 13.
--The car accident drained the household income and her father became depressed and unable to hold down jobs.
--At 14, she and her father moved to Sunnydale to get away from the sunless winters of Alaska.

Having adjusted to life in Sunnydale for the past two years, Michelle is pretty emotionally stable. Her father, on the other hand, is not. Michelle had to grow up a little sooner than normal, and she helps her father out as much as she can. She's really close to him and hates to see him so sad but is a little bitter that he can't pull himself together. His lack of responsibility--and the dwindling funds--have landed him and his daughter in a hotel room.

Michelle doesn't let people know too much about her family situation--and most students at Sunnydale High know her as 'that weird girl from Alaska with pink hair'. She's made some friends in the past two years, but her closest friend recently moved to Arizona and her other two gal pals are starting college this year, so...she is looking for a new clique. She's also single and in the market!
The Powers That Be
Posted: May 19 2007, 08:33 AM

Power Level: Unlimited
Group Icon

Group: NPC
Posts: 195
Member No.: 14
Joined: 29-August 06

{Your Journey Begins...}

You're free to start posting in this room of the Summers' Residence. As you've already heard, our wonderful saga will be starting in the midst of a famous Buffy episode, Dead Man's Party. Buffy Summers has returned from a rather interesting summer vacation and her friends, namely Willow Rosenberg, decided that it would be a great idea to throw her a 'Welcome Back' shindig. However, Buffy's friends forgot that news in Sunnydale High School spreads like wildfire; within in an hour everyone knew about this said shindig.

This includes you.

You're a student, attending Sunnydale High School, and working toward the faraway prize of your diploma. There are a number of classes that the cirricculum requires that you take...

Scedule A

Location: Building C, Gymnasium
Instructor: Coach Rudolph
Time: 8:45 AM - 9:30 AM

Location: Building A, Class 202
Instructor: Ms. Sutherland
Time: 9:35 AM -10:15 AM

Computer Science
Location: Building A, Computer Lab
Instructor: Mr. McAdams
Time: 10;20 AM -11:30 AM


Location: Building B, Class 103
Instructor: Mr. Moon
Time: 12:05 PM -12:45 PM

Location: Building B, Class 205
Instructor: Mrs. Murphy
Time: 12:50 PM -1:05 PM

Club Meetings
Location: Varies
Instructor: Varies
Time: 1:10 PM -1:40 PM

Exhausted, already? Don't fret. There's the Summers' shindig. Kick back, relax and become acquainted with all the others, whom are also kicking off their journey. By tomorrow, when the clock strikes twelve, you'll be free to begin. And remember...

Don't talk to the strange pale men in capes.
Michelle Skia
Posted: Mar 3 2008, 11:33 AM

Power Level: Intermediate
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Group: Psychic
Posts: 122
Member No.: 60
Joined: 13-May 07

Art Club
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