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9 February 1999
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 Samuel Holden, Crazier Than The Rest of You
Sam Holden
Posted: Jun 29 2008, 08:35 AM

Power Level: Beginner
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Group: Demon
Posts: 53
Member No.: 90
Joined: 19-June 08

Email Address: bobthejeep[at]yahoo[dot]com
AIM: bobthejeep
MSN: bobthejeep@hotmail.com
[character created by Jon, adopted/modified by Lizzy]

Sam Holden

Occupation: Officially? Student. Unofficially? Drug dealer.
Place of Birth: What happened in Vegas shoulda stayed in Vegas.
Date of Birth: November 4th, 1980
Nationality: USAian
Species: Who the hell knows?
Race: not Black, not Black (non-Hispanic), not Hispanic
Force Of: Fuck off
Class Of: '99

Age: 17
Height: 5 ft 9 in (175cm)
Weight: 154 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue-green
Hair Color: Light Brown


Sam's family first made their money on a plantation in Louisiana. Back in the 1800s, the family owned an almost palatial estate spanning several acres. However, almost all of the money made there was lost by some relative who was an alcoholic and gambler. The family sold up and moved out to Las Vegas in the early 1900s and after gambling was legalized in the 30s, the family opened up several casinos, restoring much of their former wealth. In the 80s, Sam's grandparents branched out into the hotel industry. This business was left to Sam's father and he has opened several new hotels in Nevada, Arizona, Texas and California. Because of Oliver's plans to expand the business and his desire to oversee the expansion personally, the family has needed to move around a lot over the years.

* Father – Oliver Holden (44)
* Mother – Laura Holden (39)
* Siblings – Eric Holden (14)


Sam is roughly average height at 5 feet and 9 inches tall. His hair is fairly long and falls just above his eyes. He's also fairly thin; a lot thinner than most of the other guys in his class because he only takes part in sporting activity when he absolutely has to. Though he's thin, he is not weak. He can hold his own in a fight (an activity which he is no stranger to). He most often wears dark colored clothes including a large number of vintage band t-shirts. With his expensive clothes and carefully kept appearance, he can be rather attractive; but his bad-boy attitude and dark aura generally turn girls off. Anyone can tell by his appearance that he thinks he is hot-shit and could care less what others think. He's quite good, however, at turning on a semi-sarcastic type of charm when dealing with parents, principals, police, or any girls he might be trying to pick up.


Before moving to LA, Sam was a quiet kid who tried to get along. Constantly changing schools, he found it difficult to make any real friends and so he was always trying to find a way to fit in. He was a nice kid who had a bit of a dark edge to him but he was polite and sweet--especially to his kid-brother. As his family continued to move, Sam continued to become angrier and more lost but he still managed to get along rather peaceably.

After everything that happened in LA--and the continuous lack of family support--however, Sam's personality took a sharp turn.

Now, Sam has a tendency to keep people at arm's length–-he's by no means a loner but he isn't the kind of person to have any particular 'best' friends. Sam--while generally a fairly run of the mill guy--is not above using people to get what he wants and he rarely shows remorse for manipulating the people around him. He also has a tendency to come across as being unnecessarily mean and pretty much an all-around asshole. The part of Sam that hardly anyone gets to see is his kinder, protective side. The only person who's ever been privy to that has been his younger brother, Eric (and maybe Dante).

Sam only has a handful of things in his life that he actually likes; his photography, his little brother, and classic rock 'n roll. Eric has been the only real constant in his life and Sam makes an effort to do pretty much anything that his brother asks him to. Sam's love of photography comes from the constant need to move around with his family and he started taking pictures so that his little brother will have something to hold on to whenever they move. Being his main passion, photography gives Sam something to talk about and he is more than happy to discuss his work with anyone who's actually interested.

As a drug dealer/user, Sam obviously has an addiction problem--which is very much central to his personality. He started doing drugs after he found out that his powers seem to be demonic. Though he hasn't admitted it to himself, Sam deeply hates himself for what he has become. Not only does he project his hatred and anger onto those around but he also is self-destructive to his body. All the while, however, he tricks himself into believing that he is happy.

Being rich, Sam has a problem with poor families because he feels that they are beneath him. He's not specifically mean to poor people; he just doesn't have the patience for them. Sam hates having his name shortened to "Sammy," and will quickly correct anyone that calls him Sammy and usually throw in an insult or punch to boot; the only person who can get away with it is Eric. Sam has a hidden interest in most things but he always gives off the air that he hates just about everything.

Skills and Notes

Sam is a budding photographer, having gotten his first camera when he was 10 years old. Sam started out using a Polaroid camera and has bought increasingly more expensive and complex cameras. Sam shoots entirely on film and has yet to succumb to the recent growth in the use of digital cameras. One day he might switch over, but for now he prefers to shoot on film and to develop the images himself. Ever since he has always carried a camera with him, taking shots of pretty much everything that catches his eye. After seven years of taking photos he's gotten quite good at it and he hopes to become a professional photographer some day.

Sam also has the knack for discretely passing off his products without anyone noticing what he's doing.

Sam is left handed.


Sam was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has next to no memories of his life there because his family moved away before he was two years old. Their next home was in Phoenix, Arizona. The family stayed there until Sam was 7 years old, mostly due to the birth of Eric. After that, they moved to Dallas, Texas, then Des Moines, Iowa, then San Antonio, then Los Angeles, then finally Sunnydale. Since his family moved around so much, Sam never had any place to call home. He didn't want his brother to feel as lost as he did so he made every effort to help his brother adjust.

When Sam lived in LA, the past three years of his life, he discovered he had a strange power. Scared out of his mind, he tried to do all this research but couldn't find any concrete answers about what had happened to him. A lot of his research led him to believe that he had demonic powers but this was never confirmed. He became angry and lost--convinced that he was bound for hell and that he could do nothing to stop it. He stopped caring about himself and started to get into drugs. Once he got hooked on drugs, he lost it all together. Despite his inner hatred and anger at the world, he's still very protective of his brother and clings to Eric as the only bright thing in his life.

A little before he got into drugs and a little after he discovered his power, Sam had made friends with fellow rich-kid Dante. After Dante accidently found out what Sam could do, the two boys bonded over their shared inner demons (ha! no pun intended) and rock 'n roll. As Dante turned to God, and Sam turned more and more to drugs, their friendship ended in a serious argument. Dante's family moved away and Sam didn't think they'd ever see each other again.

Now that Sam's family has just moved to Sunnydale (two weeks ago; but he's only been in class about a week and has cut a few days), Sam is readjusting to yet another new school. Being very discrete, very few people at Sunnydale High know that he's a drug dealer. He had been majorly surprised to realize that the Blackwell family had ended up in Sunnydale as well and until the party at the Bronze, Sam hadn't had the courage to talk to Dante. As a new transfer student, most other students at the school really haven't formed an opinion on him yet. He's the new rich kid with an attitude and a dark personality (but, oh, he's cute!).

Though Sam seems to hate everyone and everything, deep down he really wants a connection to others. He tries to find this connection through any means possible--sex, drugs, fights--but it's never enough. He pretends to be happy with his life but underneath it all, he is lonely.

Energy Conversion

High school is a cultural, and apparently celestial, melting pot. Spiritual Energy. Psychic Energy. Demonic Energy. In the universe of TFIO, these are the 3 huge powerhouses that fuel the superhuman abilities of our heroes. However, you're able to meddle with 1 of those 3 properties (demonic) and affect the room (thread) on a broad-scale. For example, you can siphon demonic energy from characters who happen to be Hellmouth-freaks -- temporarily draining them -- and create an isolated inferno. This ability known as energy conversion is extremely helpful in large battle situations.

Effects last for 2 consecutive in-character posts. Recharges for 8 consecutive in-character posts. The devilish effects of your energy conversion are controlled solely by us.

Oddly enough, your power is mysteriously boasted in the parent forum of 'Sunnydale High School' and the effects of your energy conversion last for 4 consecutive in-character posts. After this, you'll have to 'recharge' and wait 6 consecutive character posts before performing this feat again.
The Powers That Be
Posted: Jun 29 2008, 10:17 AM

Power Level: Unlimited
Group Icon

Group: NPC
Posts: 195
Member No.: 14
Joined: 29-August 06

{Your Journey Begins...}

Late comer, eh? Begin posting in this area (thread) of the Bronze sub-forum. You're a student, attending Sunnydale High School, and working toward the faraway prize of your diploma. There are a number of classes that the curriculum requires that you take...

Schedule A

Location: Building C, Gymnasium
Instructor: Coach Rudolph
Time: 8:45 AM - 9:30 AM

Location: Building A, Class 202
Instructor: Ms. Sutherland
Time: 9:35 AM -10:15 AM

Computer Science
Location: Building A, Computer Lab
Instructor: Mr. McAdams
Time: 10;20 AM -11:30 AM


Location: Building B, Class 103
Instructor: Mr. Moon
Time: 12:05 PM -12:45 PM

Location: Building B, Class 205
Instructor: Mrs. Murphy
Time: 12:50 PM -1:05 PM

Club Meetings
Location: Varies
Instructor: Varies
Time: 1:10 PM -1:40 PM

Exhausted, already? Don't fret. There's Harmony's birthday bash. Kick back, relax and become acquainted with all the others, whom are also kicking off their journey. By tomorrow, when the clock strikes twelve, you'll be free to begin. And remember...

Don't talk to the strange pale men in capes.
Posted: Oct 16 2009, 10:27 PM

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Group: NPC
Posts: 1
Member No.: 266
Joined: 16-October 09

Character Mechanism

{When Morrigan Hallows enters the room (thread), Sam Holden will be irresistibly drawn to her for three consecutive in-character posts. This mechanism, planted by the Poltergeist, will last until it's run it's course.}

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